Natural Gel Paste Colours were specifically designed for buttercream icing, but they can also be used in dough or any product you want to colour without it breaking down. TruColor? Natural Gel Paste Powder is AMAZING and is more stable to ultraviolet light than the synthetic colours! TruColor? Gel Paste is not like any other colour gel, it is NOT made from synthetic cellulose gum and modified food starch, yet it has all the functions of a premium gel paste. TruColor? Gel Paste Powder is a unique combination of all natural plant sources that helps to encapsulates or enrobe the natural colour when used in a standard buttercream icing and helps to prevent bleeding from condensation when thawing if frozen. You will be able to pipe rich dark lines of colour across a bed of white icing and the colour will not bleed into the white icing field! The natural gel paste powder when hydrated, function as a barrier limiting the taste that may be associated with the natural colour plant source.

HOW TO USE:Simply add water at a 1:1 ratio to ¡°Hydrate & Decorate¡±Example: (1/4 teaspoon water to 1/4 teaspoon powder) less water for thicker colourTIPS ON USAGE:When adding color to fondant or gum paste, use less than the recommended equal parts of water to concentrate the colour so you don¡¯t break down your fondant or make it too sticky, Use a dropper and drip drops of water to hydrate the powder, using the least amount of water possible. 


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