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Grand Drape Swag Mold by Marvelous Molds.

Our Grand Drag Swag creates fondant or gum paste decorations that replicate one of the most ornate curtains – the Austrian curtain. The fabric of the Austrian curtain is elevated by multiple vertical riggings between which are sewn in a series of horizontal swagged pleats. The drape has both vertical and horizontal fullness, and opens to an even series of swags. Grand Drape Swag creates astonishing embellishments for wedding cakes and other occasion cakes that demand center stage. The design displays five columns of layered fabric that appear even more regal when accompanied by the Grand Tassel Drop (item # 32197). Create beauty, drama and awe inspiring cakes with the Grand Drape Swag silicone mold.  A companion border mold, Grand Tassel Border Mold (item # 32196) is also available.  The design measures approximately 2-1/8 x 2-1/4 inches.

Grand Drape Swag Mold by Marvelous Molds

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