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The Cake Frame has been designed by Dawn Butler to help your cake creations reach the next level by providing a durable food-grade internal support for cakes. This starter kit contains all the basics and full instructions to design a variety of different cakes, from traditional tiered wedding cakes to novelty cakes that appear to defy gravity! Starting with the base board and foundation piece, use the Cake Frame system to build up your cake layers safely and securely. The Cake Frame is dishwasher safe and can be reused again and again.

We've got together with Dawn to create a fantastic video to explain everything you need to know about Cake Frame and how you use it. Click here to watch the video.

The kits includes:
1 x Round base board - 10" (1A)
1 x Round platform - 6" (2B)
1 x Round platform - 4" (3C)
2 x Single angled joint (4D)
2 x Elbow joint (5E)
6 x Connector (6F)
12 x Blanking Cap (7G)
4 x Collar (8H)
2 x Lock nut (9I)
4 x Long rod - 10cm (10J)
2 x Medium rod - 5cm (11K)
2 x Small rod - 2.5cm (12L)
1 x Long foundation (13M)
1 x Short foundation (14N)
2 x Collared adapter (15O)
2 x Plain adapter (16P)


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