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Bring the underwater world to live on your cakes and cupcakes with the FMM Under The Sea Motifs Tappit. This tappit features a starfish, sea horse, fish, octopus and shell. They are great to use on children's birthday parties and even on beach themed wedding cakes.

Tip: combine this tappit with the FMM Mermaid Tails Cutter Set/2.

This cutter work best if you knead the marzipan or fondant (mixed with some tylo powder) well and then roll them out very thinly. Then press the desired letter or number down on the paste and tap it out of the cutter.

Made of food grade plastic with sharp yet smooth cutting edges.

Size: approx. 5 - 6 cm.

Content: 1 ruler like cutter.

FMM Under the sea cutter set

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